Welcome to the Dark Dungeon Fair page

On September 6-07-08, 2024 we will organize a specific fair for the BDSM and fetish world for the first time in the Netherlands.

At the entrance you may be asked for your identity card or passport to check your age.

Photography is ,,PROHIBITED'' at this fair. We strictly monitor the use of your camera on the phone.

Violation of the photo ban carries a fine of € 200.00. You must delete the photos taken and you must leave the fair and no longer have access to the fair.
You are not allowed to take other photo/film equipment inside!

We will do everything we can to get as many exhibitors from all over Europe together at this fair.

There will also be several interactive stands where you can follow different workshops.

We also have a large stage where the necessary demonstrations of various game forms are given.

Club Ultimate Dream from Beek en Donk provides the pop-up club at the fair.
The pop-up club is a closed area at the fair for which you must pay a separate entrance fee. (for prices click on the tickets button)
For opening hours of the pop-up club, can be found further down this page.

In the pop-up club you can play with the toys you bought.

The inner man will also not be skipped at the fair, there are both wet and dry catering facilities.

Opening hours of the fair:

Friday September 6, 2024 open at 5:00 PM close at 00:00 AM.
pop-up club opens at 5:00 PM closes at 11:30 PM

Saturday September 7, 2024 open at 2:00 PM close at 00:00 AM.                                               pop-up club opens at 2:00 PM closes at 11:30 PM

Sunday September 8, 2024 open at 1:00 PM close at 8:00 PM.                                                    pop-up club opens at 1:00 PM closes at 7:30 PM